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Award-winning tools for sustainable financing of healthy ecosystems

Ecosystem Equity invests to develop its own tools and projects and additionally supports businesses, financial institutions, funds and civil society actors to build sustainable financing mechanisms which support small-scale farmers, fishers and livestock keepers and the natural resources which they depend on

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Own Portfolio

A simple open source digital tool for verifying and reporting on implementation of performance-based natural resource management projects.

Greenfi empowers communities to build community-owned and managed green credit cooperatives, called eco-credit groups.

F3 Life

Smallholder agri-lender which included sustainability requirements into loan terms. Merged with 


Business model innovation for set-up of sustainable small-scale farming cooperatives. Under development.


A digital project and contract design tool for performance-based natural resource management projects. Not yet publicly available.

Climate-smart Lending Platform

An effort to bring together the tools, actors, and finance necessary to reduce climate risk in lending portfolios and scale up climate-smart lending to smallholders globally.

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